Building a Vision

Welcome to Brick a Brac! As Matthew and I rediscover the creative joy of LEGO, we’re going to be using this site to collect our thoughts, document builds, discuss ideas, and explore LEGO as a storytelling medium.

My journey with LEGO has spanned over thirty years now, with gradual dips and resurgences as life permitted. Some years, especially the early ones, I never really deviated too far from the instructions. I might have added a few pieces here and there, but overall, a LEGO pirate ship looked like the pirate ship on the front of the box. The Islander sets had every brick in the “right” place. There wasn’t much crossover between the Police/City builds and, say, deep sea explorers.

However, let’s be honest here…sometimes a Space Pirate needs to raid a Skeleton Wizard’s lair. Sometimes, that Space Pirate doesn’t expect the Skeleton Wizard to lord over a dragon and a small army of possessed Forest Archers. When that happens, it’s perfectly normal for that pirate to get thrown in a dungeon and eventually turned to the Dark Side. Sometimes, the instructions just can’t keep up with what a story needs.

Sometimes, Luke Skywalker happens to come upon a strange cave with some terrifying statues. Have these stone creatures been warped by the Dark Side of The Force, he wonders. Does he make it out of there alive? Does he get flung back in time? Would his lightsaber even do any damage to these statues?


These are the questions I seek to answer here at Brick à Brac.


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