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We may as well get it out in the open: politics will bleed into this blog. I proudly describe myself as a crunchy-granola, borderline socialist, tree-hugging, secular humanist who also self-identifies as a feminist. While LEGOs offer a pleasant diversion … Continue reading

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“I shall call him ‘Mini-Me.'”

Let’s face it, most of us do not have a distinguishing appearance which allows us to use an existing minifigure or create a new one as a personal stand-in in our builds. However, glasses and a beard stand out rather readily in the LEGOverse… Continue reading

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Franchise Crossover Friday: Wizard Duel

When Saruman and Gandalf the Gray dueled at the Tower of Orthanc, Saruman won rather handily. It certainly helped that he planned in advance, fully utilizing his home field advantage as well as the power of surprise. In fact, given the way Saruman unleashed his attack, Gandalf never stood a chance. This creates an interesting question: who would win in a fair fight, one fought on neutral ground, between Gandalf and Saruman? Continue reading

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“You Shall Not Pass!”

Occasionally, it feels as though LEGO misses out on ideas for its licensed franchise sets. Admittedly, LEGO can only put out so many sets per franchise. They have their own limitations in regards to number of sets per year, the … Continue reading

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You Furry Fool!

You Furry Fool! Continue reading

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