You Furry Fool!

I was out with friends tonight and the evening somehow ended up with the two of us wandering around Wegman’s.  Wegman’s, for those unaware, is a large chain market that specializes in “specialty” foods.  At least, that’s how I remembered it.  Nowadays, the store is also like a super modern general store.  I’m not joking.  You can find the most unusual things in there sometimes…particularly if you happen down…the toy aisle.

Yes, Virginia, Wegman’s has a toy aisle.

A toy aisle with LEGO.  There wasn’t a robust selection, just a few odds and ends…you might say it was just random…Brick a Brac.  But I could not walk away from this aisle without adding the following two sets to the cart, to be nestled between sushi and artisan cheeses:

John Lennon clearly approves.

These two sets will provide me with some very important pieces for a few future projects.  I can’t get into some of the details quite yet (because I still have no idea about some of it) but I can offer one little insight:

Rogul, the purple-hooded lightning elemental, will make for a perfect starting point for a LEGO Skeletor, which might factor heavily into a LEGO D&D campaign I’ve been working on over the past few months–and hope to debut on Brick a Brac later this summer.

Once I’m pleased with Skeletor, I’m going to be uploading pictures of the build.  The staff should be easy enough to adjust; I feel like a ram’s head already exists as an accessory.  If not, then making one should be relatively straightforward.  For now, I might just swap in a standard Minifig skeleton head and see how I like that.  It’d be a shame to forgo the standard Skeletor yellow tint!

Now off to the build table, you Furry Fool!


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