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HOA President Trumplestiltskin

Trumplestiltskin has experienced an amazing streak of success. He’s winning, and full of tiger’s blood! Continue reading

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Franchise Crossover Friday: Guardians of the Theme Park

Now that the Guardians of the Galaxy have saved the galaxy a second time, Peter Quill decided to tackle a far easier assignment by agreeing to assist Jurassic World with the security and safety issues that came to light following … Continue reading

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Trumplestiltskin’s New PR Man

Trumplestiltskin’s time at his happy place with his good friend Mitch soothed his nerves and brought some relative calm. However, all the good vibes and peace of mind immediately crumbled upon returning home. His attorney, Jeffy, hasn’t made the clearly … Continue reading

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This is the start of something interesting…

I’m not quite sure yet what this will be, but I’m interested in finding out.  It might be Bizarro Trump in a stroller and Kellyanne Conway, borrowing parts from Harley Quinn for now, babysitting. And I think I’ve already made … Continue reading

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Trumplestiltskin’s Happy Place

Poor Trumplestiltskin. His tremendous plan to bigly con Jurassic World out of millions of dollars and bankrupt the park in the process turned into a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. A bunch of meddling kids caught him in … Continue reading

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The Failed Jurassic World Con

As the two men were dragged away in handcuffs, Trumplestiltskin yelled over his shoulder, “My attorney and I would have tremendously gotten away with bankrupting this theme park if it hadn’t been for you meddling kids!” Continue reading

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