Trumplestiltskin’s New PR Man

Trumplestiltskin’s time at his happy place with his good friend Mitch soothed his nerves and brought some relative calm. However, all the good vibes and peace of mind immediately crumbled upon returning home. His attorney, Jeffy, hasn’t made the clearly fraudulent charges stemming from his visit to Jurassic World go away. In fact, the judge clearly has it in for him — why else wouldTrumplestiltskin_with_Mouthy that so-called magistrate rule that the charges were legitimate and allow the court case to proceed? Making matters worse, all sorts of fake news organizations are repeating the baseless allegations and enabling his haters.

On the highest of recommendations from a colleague and good friend from the Island of Mordor, Trumplestiltskin has decided to hire a professional public relations guru to both act as his spokesperson and to perform damage control. Mouthy Spice is fearless, combative, belligerent and, best of all, content to obediently push and ruthlessly defend whatever narrative that Trumplestiltskin demands.

This should be a match made in heaven. Thanks to similar sociopolitical philosophies and opinions about the jobbernowls who call themselves reporters, the two men are eagerly looking forward to working with each other. What could possibly go wrong?

About Matthew Appleton

A dad and loving husband who is also an easily distracted sf&f junkie, LEGO enthusiast, Phillies fan, and writer wannabe who really has too many other responsibilities to be working on his many different on-going projects.
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