The Black Brick, a tabletop adventure

The Black Brick




“Well met, adventurers!  My spirits are up to have laid eyes upon such a fine-looking and noble troupe!

We have received word from our scouts that a band of Orcish marauders has taken up camp in a forest out past the eastern castle wall.  These brutes have become increasingly brazen in their attacks, forgoing the cover of darkness and marching on our farms by day.  With every assault, more of our fields and provisions go up in flames.  Many of our farmhands have gone missing.  Morale is low.

You, brave adventurer, are tasked by our king.  You are to press into the Midnight Forest and strip these beasts of their dark toxic hides.  Leave no creature standing.  Once the monsters are slain, you shall raze the encampment so that no enemy of our kingdom shall ever plant their demon seed there again.

The quest before you is perilous, but for the grace and glory of our king, go and clutch upon Victory’s warm bosom, and taste the nectar of her love.

Now go forth and honor the holy crown…”


Your party throws a few gold pieces to the barkeep.  The coins land on the bar top with a jingle that pierces the solemn silence of the inn.  You collect your weapons and spellbooks and gather by the door with your fellow heroes.

After a brief, heavy moment, your party steps out of the Laughing Ale Tavern, into the night, and starts down the cobblestone road, passing shuttered windows, boarded entryways, and flickering torchlights.

You reach the main gate.  It creaks open, revealing a deep, dark forest just beyond a smoldering, charred field.  In the world before you, there is evil, and you must bring it to justice…

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