On the battlefield, Leia truly has no equal…

Leia stepped back against the short rock wall, putting some distance between herself and the three mercenaries.

To her right, a Dragon Knight flicked a cutlass and silver dagger back and forth.  The cutlass was standard issue, probably stolen from an Imperial merchant ship.  The dagger, however, was special.  Leia caught a quick glimpse of an inscription on the blade.  The symbols were ancient…far older than this knight.  The mark of a mystic, she thought.

She had crossed swords with a handful of mystic weapons in years past.  Most of them were enchanted with elemental magic, but every so often the blades were imbued with sinister arts.

In her earliest years after leaving the academy, she dueled with an assassin and narrowly escaped with her life.  As Leia stood over the fallen foe and implored that she yield, the dark hunter produced three black daggers from a hidden pocket and hurled them at Leia’s chest.  She deflected two but the third found its mark, piercing her armor clean through and delivering a paralytic toxin that crippled her for three moons after.

To the left, stood the Crimson Invader.  Leia had heard stories of his valor and bravery.  He liberated villages from the rule of vicious lords.  His sword was the enemy of tyrants everywhere.  Why was he slumming around with sellswords?

Leia locked eyes with the sailor in the center.  His bland smile and blank stare reached deep into Leia’s soul, dulling her senses.  Her head grew heavy and suddenly, she wanted nothing more than to sleep and perhaps…to dream.

Then, the sailor charged…

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“I heard from this bar wench once, that, an get this cause diss’l get you thinkin, that once you’d see a flick of light, that’s it. She’s already killdja. The wench saw it right in front of her, yeah. Flick of light, then some’s arm off somewhere’s that ain’t quite close y’know. Oof…enough to send the chills through and down. Oof!”        –Sir Rojo, the Turncoat


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