A Wookiee, a Princess, the Werewitch, and the Ranger: the heroes of The Black Brick


Chewbacca is the undisputed powerhouse of the group.  He is happiest when wreaking havoc in the middle of a group of monsters or panicky enemy soldiers…and with the right combination of passive Boosts, he receives a buff depending on how many foes surround him.  Most of his skillset revolves around either knockdowns or straight-up dismemberment…because, well, we all remember what Han said.  Except this Wookiee pulls arms off to begin with.  And heads.  Beware the Wookiee Rage, because it grants +1 to most attributes, including Movement.

Leia is a well-rounded Guardian with sturdy Defense and strong Attack.  Early in the quest, she’ll want to stay close to her allies and provide them cover from incoming attacks; however, her later skills, like Ion Shield, will grant party-wide Defense/Magic Defense buffs, enabling spellcasters to withstand a few more hits.  Sometime soon, I’m going to be playtesting a few Force Push/Pull-inspired abilities.  If they end up interacting with movement and positioning in the way I’m expecting, then I think players are going to have a lot of fun with the battlefield manipulation aspect to her skill set.

There are tales of mighty elemental mages that walk the boundary between this world and the next.  The Werewitch communes with the natural world and draws her power from a mystic energy that flows through all things.  She is one with the winds and the flames, and has learned to embrace the animal spirits within her.  As her skill and knowledge grows, her foes will come to fear her unleashed fury.

Ohhhh da Ranger, despite what you may think you see, is an acolyte of the Midnight Star, and walks inside the shadows.  His bows are enchanted under the blood moon.  His arrows, forged from pieces of a fallen star.  And he steps to you in a flash, then you do the long slumber, aye.  Watch your step…there might be a dagger waitin for ye at the bottom of the stair.

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