The Black Brick: The Gray Tower

After dealing with the Orc Scout and a harrowing bandit ambush, your party has finally emerged from the forest.  A vast field stretches before you, dotted with lush trees and yellow flowers.  The foliage sways in the gentle breeze and birds fly overhead.  Over the next hill, you see smoke rising, but it’s far too controlled to be accidental.  Your travels through the forest have taken a toll on the party, so perhaps the firestarter might provide you a bed for the night.  As you trek over the hill, a tall rocky plateau rises in front of you.  The party pauses to look up…and…up…and up…

“Well,” the Ranger starts, stretching his arms, pulling some rope from his bag and tying it to a piton arrow, “Who’s up for a climb?”

The Princess hesitates.

“What’s the matter, your highness?” the Wookiee gestures.

“We could make the climb,” she responds, “Or we could see if this path here goes all the way to the top.”

The Werewitch smiles.  The Ranger shrugs, “Suit yourselves.”

The path is narrow and winding, and the wind begins to pick up as your party ascends, but slowly you inch closer to the summit.  Every so often, part of the stone walkway crumbles underfoot, sending chunks of rock bouncing off the great stone face, down to the green field below.  As you make your way through the path’s final few twists and turns, the sun begins to set behind the tall mountain range in the distance, bathing everything in a warm golden amber hue.

Once the party reaches the top, you find a strange outpost guarded by a vicious stone beast and battle-scarred steel-forged barbarians.

You enter a defensive formation with the Ranger in the back.  He begins to slowly unsheath his dagger, the blade grinding against random bits of plastic.

The Princess pauses, weighing options, then whispers over her shoulder, “Wait for my signal.  We might be able to avoid bloodshed.”

“As you wish,” the Ranger replies.

Her Highness steps forward, cautiously, methodically, her sword relaxed but at the ready.

The gray dwarf steps out to meet her.

The sun drops lower in the sky.

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