The Happy Derpy Dragon

I built this head a while back. Originally attached it to a little custom skiff that had some neat ideas but never really came together, so I shelved it and figured I’d come back to it at some point.

Well, apparently, inspiration struck after picking up another NEXO Knights set, Macy’s Bot Drop Dragon:

(as an aside: I’ve gotta say…kudos to LEGO, because I’m really warming up to this particular line…lots of neat builds)

After completing the whole build, which is something I rarely rarely do, I decided that the dragon figure could use some tweaking, which is something I do very very often. In the course of that tweaking, I came back to that derpy face and suddenly…

“Hi, folks!  I don’t know what’s going on but I’m happy to be here!”

I’m still finishing the wings, the tail, and probably do more with the neck, but I’m really happy with this build. It has a LOT more character than I expected.

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