Trumplestiltskin’s Big Day

IMG_1888Trumplestiltskin’s big day finally arrived! His election as President of the home owner’s association hinged upon this very moment: the completion of the new wall surrounding his gate-guarded community. As promised, it was a huge wall… The biggest wall… A wall based on one of history’s all-time great defensive structures. It was sure to work as advertised.

However, its completion took longer than anticipated. While the delays brought cost overruns that he personally profited from, thanks to his well-shielded shell companies – a huge benefit, to be sure – it also caused a bit of grousing from those in the community who disagreed with him. Most irritatingly, the newest member of the HOA’s Board of Directors, Pocahontas, who joined following a special election to replace a director who died during a mysterious fall into one of the construction pits, provided Trumplestiltskin with nothing but headaches. She continually pestered him to provide IMG_1913verifiable financial documentation for all the work, which required him to put far more effort into his grift than he was accustomed to. Alas, there wasn’t anything he could do about it; it was what her campaign – which inexplicably seemed to possess far more information about the wall than was publicly available – had been built around.

Nonetheless, Trumplestiltskin got everything he wanted when it came to the wall. After the July 4th incident, he made getting the best security force money could buy one of his highest priorities. When he heard about “the best marksman in the country,” he was even willing to forgo any kind of personal profits to make it happen. Now, they patrol the wall, and their presence is much better than having a mere bodyguard. Clearly, the wall in combination with these security guards will protect his community – and, more importantly, him – from all sorts of unwanted riff-raff.

So, this big day arrived with everything in place. Mouthy Spice did his job beautifully, ensuring that a huge contingency of the local media covered the fair he organized to celebrate its completion. In fact, they were positively fawning all over Trumplestiltskin and momentarily forgetting all the fake IMG_1892news generated by that nasty woman, Pocahontas. The clowns entertained the kids, the food vendors provided first rate grub, and everybody appeared to have a good time – expect for Pocahontas, who mostly kept herself away from the majority of the crowd. Oh, the wall wasn’t completely finished and oddly the exterior lawn needed mowing, but those were the kind of details that most people wouldn’t even notice.

In spite of those minor irritations, Trumplestiltskin viewed the success of the wall and the fair as proof of his keen political acumen. In fact, it’s given him ideas about running for a much bigger elective office; one befitting someone of his particular talents. The future is wide-open. What could possibly go wrong?

About Matthew Appleton

A dad and loving husband who is also an easily distracted sf&f junkie, LEGO enthusiast, Phillies fan, and writer wannabe who really has too many other responsibilities to be working on his many different on-going projects.
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