The 2017 Holiday Display

Full DisplayThis is the sixth year in a row that my home has had some sort of Lego holiday/Christmas display. It’s come a long way from the first one I assembled in 2012.  Looking back on it, that original holiday scene seems rather quaint. It was probably thrown together in less than 20 minutes, with very little thought put into it. As mentioned in the recent Halloween post, each year brought a different setup with more figures and set pieces, thus necessitating more space. In 2014, the display incorporated a “War on Christmas” theme for the first time, and this concept continued in 2015 and 2016. (As a quick aside, the 2015 setup featured a detail that remains a personal favorite: a kidnapped Santa Claus hanging from the top of the Wampa’s ice cave.

Quark and VoldemortWhile still assembling last year’s display, an even more epic “War on Christmas” display came to mind for this year. Unfortunately, I made no notes regarding it, and the idea completely vanished before beginning the Halloween display. After trying in vain to recall it, a new idea presented itself: what if the “evil” forces attacking the holiday decided to take this year off and enjoy the festivities as well?

Initially, I pictured something reminiscent of the Christmas Truce from World War I, with LEGO (and LEGO-compatible) minifigures from all across the character alignment spectrum gathering in a bucolic holiday setting. When contemplating which figures should take part in a snowball fight in the setting, it seemed that such a truce would actually be very short lived – one errant snowball at the wrong minifigure results in the resumption of immediate open warfare.

No, the forces waging war against Christmas needed to celebrate peacefully amongst themselves.

Even with that decision, the amount of space available was too confined to contain all the ideas concerning which figures to include and what details to create. Thankfully, a few of the characters would find a home in a secondary display (more on this anon.) The close-ups of the final product capture the details I feel are worth highlighting. Here are some additional notes about how the elements came together:

  • Nazgul on Ice DragonThe ice dragon was one of the first elements assembled. The only question regarded who would fly it. Voldemort was the original frontrunner, but he flew a red dragon in the 2016 Halloween display, so this seemed a little unoriginal. Thankfully, Nazgul are known to ride fearsome flying beasts.
  • The Borg Christmas carolers were originally supposed to be Weeping Angels. However, they were needed in another element that didn’t make it into the final display. That element become the aforementioned secondary display, which I’ll post in another few days. This secondary display (or variants of it) might become a regular item in future holiday decorations.
  • The notion of Tusken Raiders having fun in the snow and going down an ice slide was too fun to not include. It’s just not something they can ever do on Tatooine.
  • Unfortunately, no villains from the DC universe made it into the display. Given a little more space, Lex Luthor would’ve likely met Voldemort, jauntily wearing his Santa cap, for hot chocolate at Quark’s beverage stand. Quark’s inclusion was an inspired last-second substitution—I was originally going to just use the barista that originally came in the set I appropriated the stand from.
  • That’s the Malfoy family in front of the toy shop (Draco is holding the balloon.) They’re almost certainly happier than they ever were at any time in the Harry Potter universe.
  • It just felt right that Gollum held onto the ring for Christmas day.
  • I really wanted to make much better use of Mr. Burns and Bellatrix Lestrange, but, quite frankly, no good uses for them occurred to me. So, they’re off to the side, simply waiting for the Christmas cheer to mercifully end so that they can get back to doing the evil they do so well.
  • This display contains the debut of my Missy figure – my second original minifigure made from authentic LEGO parts. She’s one of many different Doctor Who characters I’ve been wanting for my collection, and she’ll be getting her own post later this month.
  • Last, but not least, the pictures are also available for viewing as part of a slideshow set to music on YouTube.



About Matthew Appleton

A dad and loving husband who is also an easily distracted sf&f junkie, LEGO enthusiast, Phillies fan, and writer wannabe who really has too many other responsibilities to be working on his many different on-going projects.
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2 Responses to The 2017 Holiday Display

  1. No Five Gold Rings for Gollum?
    Nice build; hilarious concept! I love it!


    • Thank you for the compliment. It’s awesome you should notice that detail. As my wife can attest to, I actually did think of piling five rings in front of Gollum. However, an unfortunate bit of laziness won out — I would have had to scour the Shire… sorry… scour my various Lord of the Rings and Hobbit sets to gather them and then make sure I noted which sets I took rings from so that they could be returned when it came time to disassemble the build and return everything to the containers they belonged in.

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