Brick from the Dead

Ooof that was quite the gap for me. Life. Got. Crazy. Upside is, I’ve had plenty of time to brainstorm, and there are quite a few ideas bubbling around in my head.

Some are totally new/original concepts and stories–including an epic poem…more on that later.

Others are rewrites of awful movies–looking at you, Justice League and The Last Jedi. Especially The Last Jedi.

And, of course, The Black Brick is still trucking right along. When we last left our heroes, they had just scaled a treacherous cliff to meet the mysterious, enigmatic, and a weeeee bit surly Gray Smithy. Let’s hope the Princess can talk her way into an alliance, because the Smithy’s guard dog looks ferocious…and it’s a long (but quick) way down to the ground below.

In the meantime, I recently picked up one of the new Nexo Knights Tech Infection sets, and I’m very impressed with the new villains:

Of course, I had to make some adjustments:

Methinks there might be a squad of unlucky Stormtroopers shortly crossing paths with this monstrous beastie…

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