Boss Battle! Roll to save!

The Grievous Tree lumbers (heh) up to your party, catching you totally unaware and unguarded! Its opening attack sweeps the party with a strong knockdown, forcing you prone until the end of the round. You gaze up in terror as this evil wooded horror moves in for the killing blow. Stomp, stomp, stomp. You knew that you would enter The Void sometime in your adventure, but it’s a cruel twist that you might be done in by a murderous plant. As you gird yourself for this untimely, grisly, leafy end, the Grievous Tree stops! It has spent all three of its movement points!

Your party regains its footing and regroups into battle formation. The Wookiee smashes the tree. Plink. No damage. The Trooper’s bomb bounces off the monster’s bark. No damage. The Treasure Hunter in the back tries to bind the tree’s limbs with his whip. The creature snaps the whip in two. The Princess throws her lightsaber. It isn’t very effective.

The Grievous Tree spins up its lightsabers and lashes at the whole party with a deadly bladestorm attack! Quick, roll to save!

Oh. You…rolled a 1.

Your party is dead. Do you wish to try again?

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