NEXO Knights are ending

“NEXO Knights was launched in 2016 and there has been considerable speculation surrounding its future in recent months, particularly given the relative lack of promotion for the latest wave.

Zusammengebaut has now confirmed that the theme will not be continuing beyond its current wave and that no summer sets will be released.”

I guess that’ll be it for this particular line. It’s certainly a bummer, but while I’ve certainly had a blast with the NEXO sets I’ve picked up over the past year, I can totally see how and why the entire line will be retired.

When NEXO first caught my eye, the villains stole the show. I loved the gargoyles and lightning enemies. The volcanic Orcs or whatever have been on my To-Buy list for a while now. And the Tech Infection series has an incredible tech/vampire aesthetic going on–probably my absolute favorite theme so far.

But the thing is…the sets started to get very “same-y.” Lots of vehicles. Not a whole lot of small- to mid-sized structures. I have a similar issue with nearly all of the recent Batman and Marvel lines: waaaaay too many vehicles, not nearly enough actual locations. In NEXO, we either had super large castles (to be fair, some of them were interesting) or nothing at all. Would it have been a problem to maybe, I don’t know, roll out a watchtower or small outpost? Or am I thinking too much like WarCraft?

Honestly, now that I mention it, I’d love to see Lego do a proper WarCraft line. I know that Mega Bloks have something WoW-related, but I feel like 1990’s WarCraft would be absolutely perfect for Lego: bold colors, varied units, wide range of buildings, dragons, ballistas, gold mines, warships and dreadnoughts…the possibilities are almost endless.

But as for NEXO Knights, well, looks like I’m going to have to start looking into grabbing the last couple of sets I’ve been eyeballing. I need additional spider-mechs! Hehe

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