Golden Girls meets DnD

I just now came across this, and it’s amazing. What’s more amazing, however, is what just occurred to me…

…years ago, I bought a set of Lego Golden Girls for my wife.

I’m thinking that Dorothy, Blanche, Sophia, and Rose might have to make guest appearances in The Black Brick and/or have their own mini-campaign as a side-quest (The Golden Brick, anyone??).

Still figuring out their class builds, but I’m leaning towards:

Dorothy: Sage

Blanche: Bard

Sophia: Dwarven Barbarian

Rose: Cleric

I feel like that’d be fairly close to their personalities on the show. Dorothy is level-headed and wise. Blanche has nothing but charisma. Sophia is short, but furious. Rose is more heart than brain and probably would excel with a mace.

Plus, I pretty much just want to see Sophia wield a battle axe that’s bigger than her. Hahaha

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