Midnight Star: a story of smugglers and space pirates with nothing left to lose…

“Fifty-three. They’ve been trackin’ us for fifty-three jumps. Not sure how, but truth be told, don’t particularly care right ’bout now. They finally managed to board us this time.”

“Most of my crew’s been spaced. Look long enough out the observation deck, you’ll see ’em floatin’ by. Ain’t no way for a man or woman to die. I reckon there ain’t much dignity to be found in the black.

The ones that didn’t get vented or vaped are gonna wish they’d been, cause if you survive the interrogation, then it’s hard labor for you. If the interrogation don’t kill ya, the hard labor will. I’ve seen the fields. The harvesters. The mines. Nowadays, it’s the living that envy the dead.”

“They’ve got us backed into a corner. We’re this close to goin’ out completely. Don’t have the numbers or ammo to make a stand worth anything. I’m down to my last couple of rails. Dak’s energy blade won’t hold much longer. Tighe’ll crush a few with the brute…it ain’t gonna be enough.”

“But that don’t mean we’re just gonna roll over. They wanted a war. They’ve got one now, and we’re just gettin’ started…”

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