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“I am vengeance. I am the night. I am Batman.”

As night fell, there he stood, the protector.

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This is the start of something interesting…

I’m not quite sure yet what this will be, but I’m interested in finding out.  It might be Bizarro Trump in a stroller and Kellyanne Conway, borrowing parts from Harley Quinn for now, babysitting. And I think I’ve already made … Continue reading

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We may as well get it out in the open: politics will bleed into this blog. I proudly describe myself as a crunchy-granola, borderline socialist, tree-hugging, secular humanist who also self-identifies as a feminist. While LEGOs offer a pleasant diversion … Continue reading

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“I shall call him ‘Mini-Me.'”

Let’s face it, most of us do not have a distinguishing appearance which allows us to use an existing minifigure or create a new one as a personal stand-in in our builds. However, glasses and a beard stand out rather readily in the LEGOverse… Continue reading

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My Backstory

Before beginning, I first need to thank Alex for writing a great first post for Brick à Brac. I have written a number of similar posts over the years and have read more of them than I can recall, let alone count. As a result, I’m fairly certain that faced with the task, I would have included some kind of awkward, self-referential, ironic statement about introductory blog posts. Thankfully, he saved us all from that existential nightmare. Continue reading

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Building a Vision

Sometimes, the instructions just can’t keep up with what a story needs. Continue reading

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